Research Question: HW3

If American Citizens are given strickter laws on gun ownership, will it lead to less crime and murder?


I found an article on Proquest about gun laws. It is dated back in 1999, but its issue mirrors the one we have today. This time period has just witnessed a shooting similar to the ones taht have happened in America this year. Shootings that took innocent lives and destroyed families. The government in the 90’s is disscussing banning assault weapons in the U.S. A Criminal Justice Professer at Florida state University, Gary Klec, thinks differently. He gives evidence on how two percent of all crimes are commited with assault weapons, and that more commonly acquired guns are often used in crimes. He goes on to say that if The guns that are modt used were banned, people would shift over to another gun or weapon and the cycle would continue. This is significant because this was a similar issue in the past and it is interesting to think about how ifour government takes something away or bans it, people still find a way to get around it.

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